California Wants NRA To Stop Selling Insurance

The state legislature has told the NRA to stop selling coverage for legal costs that could arise from legally using a gun.

Legislators in the Sunshine State have ordered the National Rifle Association to stop selling their Carry Guard insurance, a policy that covers legal costs that could arise from legally using a gun.

According to the Sacramento Bee a cease and desist letter order was issued by the California Department of Insurance on September 11, preventing future sales of the Self-Defense Insurance Policy included in the NRA’s Carry Guard. The policy, which is held by some 2,400 Californians, helps defray some of the legal costs that may result from litigation in instances when a firearm is used in for self-defense or in the event of a negligent discharge. The State alleges the NRA marketed the policy without registering it with the Department of Insurance. Failure to comply with the order will result in a $5,000 a day fine, while selling a policy could result in a $50,000 fine.

“The California Department of Insurance insists on full compliance with California law that requires persons soliciting the purchase of insurance in California must be appropriately licensed to do so,” said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones in a statement on “Because the NRA allegedly failed to comply with this California legal requirement, it became necessary for the department to take this action against the NRA to end this illegal conduct in California.”

In an order issued by his office, Jones argues that emails sent to California residents by the NRA featuring spokesperson Dana Loesch and chief executive Wayne LaPierre were solicitations on behalf of the Carry Guard self-defense insurance program. As reported by, California insurance code states that in order to market or negotiate policies in the state, a person or organization must posses a valid license from the commissioner, which Jones said the NRA has never held.

This is not the first time the NRA has drawn ire for its Carry Guard program, with New York State fining the insurer $1.3 million earlier this year. In return, the NRA has filed suit against Governor Andrew Cuomo after his attacks on the organization following their criticisms of his constitution-bending SAFE act. The suit also alleges that Cuomo only targeted the NRA’s self defense insurance policies.