100K People Carry Concealed In WI

After legalizing concealed carry nearly six months ago, the State of Wisconsin issued its 100,000th concealed carry permit Friday — and what’s more, no major incidents have been reported since.

The milestone puts the state ahead of a projected 125,000 permits issued in a year, according to The Associated Press.

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen praised the Department of Justice for its work throughout the process, saying the demand for permits was initially overwhelming, with background checks and hotline messages flooding the department.

Van Hollen also said while he believes in the right of every American to arm and defend themselves, it’s impossible to tell whether the passage of the law has made Wisconsin a safer place.

“I don’t know that it’s safer and I don’t know that it’s less safe,” Van Hollen said Friday.

Last year, Wisconsin became the 49th state to legalize concealed carry, leaving Illinois as the only state without such a law.

source: handgunsmag.com